Goodbye Mr. Fat [Poster] Toad

This weekend, The Civee and I cleaned out our basement.  Sadly, I had to dispose of this:

Typhoon Irabu Poster

The image quality is horrible because I took the picture in the basement.

Yes, it was framed.  Sadly, it suffered some major water damage, but that’ll happen to things left leaning up against a basement wall.

Back in my single days, this looked pretty cool on my wall.  Of course, three years ago, it was more of an ironic statement than an item promoting a baseball superstar.

Or Typhoon, if you will.

For the life of me, I could never understand why they didn’t sell items (be they posters or name-and-number t-shirts) with the player’s name written in Japanese.  Even though he’s no longer a Yankee, I’d still like a Hideki Matsui Yankees name-and-number t-shirt with “松井 秀喜” instead of “Matsui” over the 55.  And I have two Irabu t-shirts, but both of them are in English.

Oh well, one can always hope they take that marketing approach with the Yankees’ next Japanese superstar.

Till then, I’ll keep myself amused with other things I find in my basement.

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