Tracking the Flood, Part 14

326Rock Star
327St. George – v3 Additional Ch
328Nice Figuration Piano
329Alone In The Dark 3 edits
330I Can’t Forget the Way       2
331I Was Scared – Cbmix2
332The Life I Never Lived – 2005-06-26 clip
333Ideas 3-26-2013 20h30m1s
334She Has A Way With Words – v8
335Smaller Than Life – 2013-2-14 sketch 2
336The Rules Of Life – v7
338My Place – 2013-10-28 acoustic sketch 2
339She’s Just A Girl – sketch
340Next Life Time
341Now Or Later
342Sweet Love      2 2
343Almost Beautiful   4 verse melo @ 109
344Do You Really Want Me Down? (flange gtr at end) – 2004-05-18
345Empty Inside – v6
346Space Rock
347I Wanna Be With You – 2004-02-02
348Santa Monica – v3 instrumental
349Anonymous – v12

Tracking the Flood, Part 13

301Paisley mixolydian C4
302I Don’t Wanna Bust My Heart – C.O.R. TXX-12
303I Did A Bad Thing
304Ideas 6-11-2013 10h1m39s
305El Presidente      5
306I Won’t Let You Down – v7
307Cleopatra – v11
308pantsu nugu
31002 Stupid Times
311I’m so happy I’m in santa monica
312Pachelbel Strum
313Tired Of Sex – Don Slacks
314Hulk   2 verse melody @ 120
315I V piano
316What I Want – 2013-7-28-13 sketch
317Cleopatra – v17
318The New Girl
319Bill Withers Jamb
320Work 11-17-2012 19h33m35s
321You And Me Together    2013
322Love Canopy – v2
323Cloudy day    391 
32414 I’m gonna sing a little pentatoni

Tracking the Flood, Part 12

276Ever Again 2004-02-12 – 2004-02-13
277The Rules Of Life – v18
278You Could Take Me Anywhere   10
279I Want you To Notice me    2
280The Rules Of Life – v3
283Sing My Blues Away – v12
284Thanks To The Postman
285cyclone solo 20170412_1224
286Heavy Let It Be Piano Chords
287Anonymous – v11
288Funky Lil Line
289Happy Trails
290I Needed You Now
291soundcheck riffage
292Let’s Go To The 33rd Dimension – v 10
293Lydian Song – acoustic sketch
294The Spider
295Kind Support
296Friday Feeling   15 verse two @104
297My Folks
298Codependent – v12
299troublemaker melody shifted
300Sunday Morning Came (2)

Tracking the Flood, Part 11

250Peace, Love, And Understanding – 2003 Demos
251Meet Up With Our Maker – v6
252I’m Just Being Honest – 2012-12-14 early piano sketch 3
253Trippin’ Down The Freeway. no voc
254Everyday The Lights
25511 is there anything left to say_
256Superfan     20
257Work 10-25-2013 12h47m38s
259Running Man
260Always, Forever – 2004-02-20
26102 Till There Is Nothing Left
265Let’s Go to the 33rd Dimension – v8
266something’s missing
267Wagamama – v1
269Let’s Get Married INST NO BASS NO PE
27004 More Fuzzy Riffage
271Do You Really Want Me Down? (My Brain) – 2004-04-23
27243 Sing a Melody
273East Coast Or West Coast – v4 No
274Hippies – 2013-2-13 sketch 4
275Jungle – rough 0906 2

Tracking the Flood, Part 10

226Rave Up – v3 pro sketch
227Ideas 3-28-2013 17h14m50s
2282004-07-11  Piano Lick
229Anything But Love
230Up In A Cloud – v23 Demo For Guys
231Ghost   2 @125 melody
23217 Friends Romans, and Countrymens_
233Longtime Sunshine Reprise – SFTBH
234There Is No Try – 2012-11-13 1
235The Damage In Your Heart – 2004-01-09
236The Rules Of Life – v12
238Speed Wax America
239Cleopatra – v12
24007 It Wouldn’t Be Life
241I Don’t Know What You Want To Be fri
242soundcheck riff techno
243Pinned With the Blame (track for Rivers)
244I Want To Take You Home Tonight – Edi
245Freaky Flag – v4
246Holiday – Don Slacks
247Get Me Mine – acoustic demo
248424 aku
249Up In A Cloud – v24 Instrumental F

Tracking The Flood, Part 9

20133 I Really Wanna Take You Home
202slow Shuffle Chord Riff
203Sunday Afternoon
20519 I’m on Fire, You’re a Liar
20605 I’m Watchin You-acoustic
207All I Need To Know – 2004-02-20
208This is the Way
209You Don’t Love Me
210Hole in Time – 208
211Hole in Time 208
212VI iv VII  v  i  aku pluck
213Turn Me Round (punk)
214My Best Friends Are Gone
215I Did a Bad Thing (2)
216Let’s Get Married – v3
217The Tower Of Babel – v6
21909 Let Me Wash at Your Sink
220Empty Inside – v7
221Ask Anything 059
223Turn Your Love Away 027
224Pacific Sunset  6 show me
225Girl We Got A Good Thing – v16

Tracking the Flood, Part 8

176Collaborate (Acoustic Sketch 1)
177Shining Star           11
178Hold My Mind 024
179Bad Girl (2008 edit)
180Elaine – v9 fighters sketch
181Good Times   4
182Booby Trap
18314 The Pppp And The Bppp
18508 Anything 4 You (Take 2)
1886_8 piano
18909 One more time for the children ar
19014 I Can’t Forget the Way
191The Rules Of Life 4
192332.2 song
193Greyhound – 2
194I Was Scared – Cbmix3
19524 Defeat on the Hill
196Work 5-22-2013 15h7m51s
197El Presidente – 2012-8-23 sketch 2
198Inspired     8
199Bone On Bone    3
200Gravity Will Bring You Down – v8

Tracking the Flood, Part 7

Living Without You
04 Clean Riff I III IV
The Ivory Telephone – v6
sports team    8 riff
Magical Fairies
Saturday Night Another City Dream
Point Blank Range    8
toby gad idea 6
I Was Made For You – 2004-06-04
Simple Fisherman (No Bgv In B) – 2004-04-23
Simplest Guitar v1
02 Sing a Melody (Prechorus)
Empty Inside – v10
shiver  riff
The Rules Of Life – v15
i love the usa alt melody
You’re Beautiful To me   11
18 clean jam
Get What You Want
23 My Mind’s on You
Work 6-27-2013 16h17m40s
I Can’t Live
We Are Fighters      5
Since You Came Around – v10

Tracking the Flood, Part 6

The Bottle Of Wine Song
Work 7-3-2012 10h48m29s
modern dukes riff
Fair Weather Friend – 2015-1-27 sketch
07 Leader of the Pack
Anonymous – v26
The British Are Coming – v4
Sleeping All The Night – 2004-05-18
Sheila Can Do It
You’re Beautiful To me   8
When Situations Piss You Off
Pacific Sunset  5 extendo
15 Crunchy Fun
409  short verse long chorus
Waiting On You – Don Slacks
I’m Scared
Good News Channel – 2013-2-21 sketch 3
toby gad idea 2
Wool Cap 364
Four Leaf Clover    9
01 Hello Men And Boys
C’mon Bitch
Work 7-3-2012 11h44m47s
James o james  2012-08-05_17-06

Reflections on the Greenest of Days

Twenty years ago today, I was in line at a music store for the midnight release of Weezer’s 2001 release, the Green Album.

Advertisement for Weezer's Green Album

That I was there was, at the time, a miracle, because a few years earlier, it looked like Weezer was done for good. But Weezer was the hot thing in music that spring and summer of 2001, and Green catapulted the band to new heights and is responsible for the success they have today.

The thing is, while Green is special to me, as an album, I’d rank it in the lower tier of Weezer albums. In an effort to make the perfect pop album, Rivers Cuomo made his songs a little too perfect. Instrumentally and structurally, they’re all the same. The songs themselves have little room to breathe, with no development in the choruses throughout the songs and solos that just mimic the song’s chorus lines.

Thankfully, Rivers learned from Green and changed not only his habits in composing future songs (2014’s Everything Will Be Alright in the End very much sounds like if Green had been done right), but also the Green songs themselves. By the end of 2001, Weezer was changing up the keys, solos and structures of the Green songs in live shows. As an example, for me, the 2005 AOL Sessions version of Don’t Let Go is the definitive version of the song.

And while we’re talking about 2005 versions of Don’t Let Go, this version from a show in Japan has the band’s best energy ever:

Despite my issues with the production and songs, I’m very glad we have Green. There is a generation of Weezer fans who consider Green their favorite album and I admire that.

Mikey Welsh, during the recording of Green.

Green is also the only Weezer album featuring Mikey Welsh on bass. Mikey joined Weezer in the spring of 1998 and left due to personal issues in the summer of 2001. Mikey passed away ten years ago, but I’ll always remember the fresh vibe he brought to the band. And his Rolling Stone video interview with Pat.

Looking back at that wait in line for the midnight release of Green, I remember having fun with my friends who were there with me. But I also remember this incredible feeling of relief and victory. That my favorite band was putting out another album. That they survived a dark, weird time. And that they were back, rocking just as much as better. I knew great times would be ahead for Weezer. And I was right.