Poor Richard’s Test of Faith

Every time I write an entry about the night’s episode of Lost, I like to try and work in the episode’s title cleverly in the headline.  But because tonight’s episode of Lost, Ab Aeterno is a Latin phrase meaning something along the lines of “from the beginning of time,” I’ve got little to work with.

Hence, the titular line of this entry is more a description of what happened tonight.  Although for Lost viewers, it was much more than a job interview.  Not only did we get the backstory four years in the making, Ab Aeterno was chock full of Island mythology, the struggle between good and evil and possibly foreshadowing where the overall story is going.

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Candidate Party At The Lighthouse

Over the six seasons of Lost, Dr. Jack Shepard has undergone an amazing character journey.  From an annoying man of science with meaningless tattoos, Jack has seen enough miracles and other amazing things happen on the Island to turn him into a man of faith who is somewhat tolerable.  At least on the Island.

As seen in tonight’s episode of Lost, The Lighthouse, the off-Island/sideways Jack is still an unsufferable bore.

But he is a candidate.

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