This Battlestation is Operational

The Civee and I are in the middle of moving to the new house.  But fear not, the Internet has been installed and the computer is hooked up and working.

Unlike at the old place, we’re hooked straight in- no need for a wireless connection.  Also, unlike the old place, we chose not to get cable anymore.  It’ll be an adjustment, but I’m sure we’ll have other ways to amuse ourselves.

By the way, if you need a washing machine, let me know, I may be able to help.

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2 thoughts on “This Battlestation is Operational

  1. Another cord cutter, huh? We talked about that on last week’s show…just how much getting rid of cable saves you, especially considering you still need the internet.

    So if internet costs me $60 a month without cable, which is about half my bill right now – great – but now I have to go through the trouble of finding shows on-line, and then also find out how to get those shows from my computer (a computer) to the TV. That’s a lot of hassle and a lot of devices. At which point I consider the extra $60 a convenience charge.

    But I commend you at taking that plunge. I’m slightly jealous, but only at saving money.

    BTW, if you need any help moving or working on the house, let me know.:)

  2. Yeah, I know we’re saving something, and we’ll also have to invest in getting things set up to watch things how we want. Right now, we have the TV in one end of the living room and the computer (which has a nice monitor) in the other. It works, but it’ll take some tinkering to get things set up how we want. The weird thing is, I have antennae hooked up to both the computer and TV. For some reason, the computer can get channel 6, but the TV can’t.
    And thanks for the offer- most of the stuff is moved- but we still have a lot of work to do.

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