The Last Recruit for Team fLocke

A while back, Charles Widmore told John Locke that a war was coming to the Island and unless John was on the Island when it happened, the wrong side would win.

In a way, John ended up back on the Island. So did Widmore. And now, the first shots have been fired in the war between Widmore and fLocke (and possibly Jacob).

And we have to wait two weeks to find out what happens next.

So the team-up of team Hurley/Jack with fLocke which we saw last week (and trust me, I saw it) ended up not lasting that long at all.  Sawyer executed his plan to ditch Locke and that ended up not going too well at all.  Sawyer and crew found Desmond’s ship and on their way to Hydra Island, Jack (who has been slowly turning all season) told Sawyer he thought they shouldn’t leave the Island.


Sawyer asked Jack to get off of his boat.  Which Jack did.  Unfortunately, Jack ended up back in the hands of fLocke. Just as fLocke was attacked by Widmore.  Seemingly, out of all the randoms on Team fLocke, the only one who fLocke saw fit to rescue was Jack, who probably doesn’t appreciate the rescue all that much.

As much as it’s looked like fLocke is nearing the final stages of carrying out his centuries-old plan, old smokey is also seemingly coming unhinged.  Not only has he seen some mysterious kid at random points over the last weeks, but he’s also paranoid about the fate of Desmond, who he threw down a well last week. fLocke dispatched Sayid to finish Desmond off.  However, all signs point to that not happening, as Desmond had a little conversation with Sayid about what exactly he was doing.  We didn’t see Sayid shoot Desmond (or walk away), but my money’s on Sayid just walking away.

Meanwhile, on Hydra Island,  Jin and Sun had a touching reunion after three seasons of being separated.  However, Widmore proved to not be a man of his word and immediately had his crew turn their guns on Sawyer et al.  The only hopes of those still possibly on Team Jacob are Ben, Richard and Miles, who we didn’t see this week, and Desmond, who may or may not still be at the bottom of a well.  If he’s even alive.

In the Sideways universe, Desmond’s plan of bringing everyone continued.  He introduced Claire to his lawyer, Illana, where she met her half-brother Jack.  Jack was called to the hospital to operate on Locke, who was run over by Desmond last week.  Also at the hospital were Sun and Jin.  Sun is okay after being shot, but freaked out pretty bad at the sight of Locke. Things seem to be progressing in Sideways-ville.

Some thoughts:

-fLocke’s characterization of John Locke as a clueless loser continues.  Just as he told Ben back in the season opener that Locke was someone he pitied, tonight we saw fLocke call John Locke a sucker.  And to Locke’s main Island antagonist, no less.  It’s possible that in the final hours, Locke’s strength of character and determination will pay off and be the force that takes down fLocke once and for all.  Or that Jack will continue to use that as inspiration to fulfill his purpose.  Of course, it’s also possible that Locke is gone for good and is truly the loser that fLocke has made him out to be.

-We have confirmation (kind of, considering the source) that fLocke was Christian.  This answer makes sense, but at the same time, it doesn’t.  fLocke could have been lying and Christian could have been one of those souls (like Michael, last week) who are trapped on the Island (even though we’ve seen him off the Island). Or he could have been telling the truth.  Either way, I’m still not sure I consider the matter settled.

-The Sayid vs. Desmond conflict was interesting.  It’s possible that Desmond’s question to Sayid- how will he tell the one he loves that he got her back? was able to snap Sayid out of the coma he was in.  Of course, if Sayid was truly a bad person, then Desmond’s dead at the bottom of a well.

What did you think?

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  1. Strange thought I’ve had brewing and I can’t remember if I wrote about this or not but I think it will happen. Jin and Sun are Adam and Eve in the cave.

    Also I feel we are ramping up to the finale here. Except for the 1980s explosion CGI it was a good episode.

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