A Month of Hope

The Civee and I can’t believe it: we’ve kept our daughter Hope alive for a month!

The past month has certainly been different for us- having to arrange our schedule around her and paying attention to every single little cry to tell if she needs food, to be changed, or just wants our attention.  But it’s been a lot of fun.  We have this little person who’s developing her own personality.  She can smile (we think), lift her head up and give us some serious eye contact.  She also likes to go out with mom and dad.  The Civee and I have taken her to all sorts of places and not once has she caused a scene (so far).

If I had one complaint, it would be that everyone who says babies sleep 16 hours per day was lying.  Because whenever it’s my time to watch Hope late at night, she’s wide awake.  Of course, it could just be she wants to hang out and watch Sledge Hammer! and Lost with me.  And I’m perfectly fine with that.

The surprising thing (to me) is that I haven’t dropped her or forgotten her anywhere.  There’s still time to do that, but with each day, I get a little better at this parenting thing.


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