Jack Bauer Doesn’t Find Torture Hard To Stomach

Last summer, The Civee and I went rafting.  My phone ended up in the water for just a minute or two, but even that was too much.  I later found out that my phone and SIM card were toast (or soaked, as it were).  Had I seen tonight’s episode of 24 before that fateful rafting trip- I would have known better.  I would have swallowed my SIM card, because at least that would have survived the rafting trip.

So once again, thanks to a SIM card that survived digestion, Jack Bauer has his target: former President Charles Logan.  After an awesome scene which saw him take out a group of Russian special agents in a department store, Jack (with a little help from Michael Madsen) captured the shooter responsible for Agent Renee’s death.  Meanwhile, at CTU, Chlöe and the formerly pervy Arlo worked behind the scenes to help Jack.  And at the UN, Logan continued to try to get himself back in the President’s good graces while trying to pick out a tie to wear on his first date with President (Mrs.) Hassan.

Or something like that.

Oh yeah, and Jack snapped by torturing the shooter six ways from Sunday before cutting him open to retrieve a SIM card from his gastrointestinal tract.

Even though tonight’s episode served to get things in place for the final three hours of the season, it was a good episode.  Just as it’s fun to watch the weasely Logan worm his way back into the public spotlight (because being on the 1:00 news is a good thing, right?), it’s also fun to watch Jack take out a bunch of bad guys in a crowded shopping mall.  Sure, the torture went a bit too far.  It’s a bit tough to take Jack as a good guy when (as Agent Freddy pointed out) he’s in the same ethical boat as those behind the conspiracy he’s trying to uncover.  But this is 24, and ethics schmethics, Jack Bauer is still fighting for truth, justice and the American way.

Only thing is, he only has three hours left.


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3 thoughts on “Jack Bauer Doesn’t Find Torture Hard To Stomach

  1. Best episode of the season if you ask me. Shoot out in a mall, Jack busting out a fatality move, Crazy Logan sweating bullets, Chloe taking control, Chico Jr. on the fence…

    Not a lot of dilly dallying in this episode. It was a good balance of political drama with action. Is the last episode 3-hours? Damn.

  2. I think you could be on to something with the best episode proclamation. They’ve definitely been going full speed ahead to end the season.

    I think there’s one hour next week and two the week after.

  3. Jack cut open a guys stomach, pulled a SIM card out of him and called an Ex-President.

    I’ve nothing else to say.

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