Who Needs The Butter Cow When Weezer’s At The State Fair?

Ten years ago (technically, nine years and 11 months), I went to my first Weezer concert.  Today, I went to my tenth.

I’ve seen them in all sorts of places – small clubs (like at the first show), an outdoor amphitheater, arenas and now, at a state fair.  I’ve gone to different cities, but this show was held about two miles from my house.

During my first show, held in the reunion summer of 2000, the band played a variety of songs from their first two albums along with a handful of songs that were in contention for their third album, then a year away (interestingly, none of these songs made the third album, though one would make their fourth).  During tonight’s show, held nine years and five albums later, Weezer played their singles, a mash-up cover and that was pretty much it.

Not that there’s anything wrong with their singles- they’re great songs and they played them very well.  But I do miss the songs when you’d hear a song like Falling for You or Crab at a live Weezer show.

Nevertheless, Weezer had a lot of energy.  Rivers once again showed it was possible to play guitar and bounce on a trampoline at the same time.  Scott rocked a kilt.  Pat went back and forth between lead guitar and drums.  And Brian took the lead on a very interesting instrumental (one of two) in the middle of the set.

For the show, because it was held at a state fair, there was a sign language interpreter off to the side.  The interpreter who covered Weezer’s set was rocking out while interpreting.  During Troublemaker, Rivers left the stage and joined the interpreter in her little area and sang as she interpreted.

It was a fun show.  The crowd was an interesting mix of all ages (because it was at a state fair), with a lot of kids.  One girl was celebrating her ninth birthday.  Maybe in nine years I’ll be able to take Hope.

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