Official Pinkerton Deluxe, Death to False Metal Tracklists Revealed

Two weeks ago, I posted news of possible track lists for Weezer’s upcoming November 2 albums, the Pinkerton Deluxe reissue and Death to False Metal, a collection of unreleased Weezer tracks.

Today, in separate venues, the label has published official tracklists for both albums, confirming most of what we already knew.

First, from the official Pinkerton Deluxe press release, here’s that album’s tracklist:

Original Album:

Tired Of Sex
No Other One
Why Bother?
Across The Sea
The Good Life
El Scorcho
Pink Triangle
Falling For You

B-Sides and More:
You Gave Your Love To Me Softly
The Good Life (Radio Remix)
Waiting On You
I Just Threw Out The Love Of My Dreams
The Good Life (Live and Acoustic)
Pink Triangle (Radio Remix)
I Swear It’s True*
Pink Triangle (Live and Acoustic)

You Won’t Get With Me Tonight*
The Good Life (Live at Y100 Sonic Session)*
El Scorcho (Live at Y100 Sonic Session)*
Pink Triangle (Live at Y100 Sonic Session)*
Why Bother? (Live at Reading Festival 1996)*
El Scorcho (Live at Reading Festival 1996)*
Pink Triangle (Live at Reading Festival 1996)*
The Good Life (Live at X96)
El Scorcho (Live and Acoustic)*
Across The Sea Piano Noodles*
Butterfly (Alternate Take)*
Long Time Sunshine*
Getting Up And Leaving*
Tired Of Sex (Tracking Rough)*
Getchoo (Tracking Rough)*
Tragic Girl*

*Previously unreleased

Looks like we’re not getting as many alternative versions as the preliminary Japanese tracklist, but this is still some great material.  And that Japanese tracklist also had the tracks that were going to make up Alone III: The Pinkerton Years, which will be released at some mysterious future date.

Also today, some quick Googling confirmed what another Japanese site posted as the tracklist for Death To False Metal, from Universal Music Canada’s Web site:

It’s likely that the two additional songs contained in the Japanese tracklist were the Japan-specific bonus songs.  We’ve been told to expect a lot of extra songs along with the album.

November 2 can’t get here fast enough.

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3 thoughts on “Official Pinkerton Deluxe, Death to False Metal Tracklists Revealed

  1. Nice find.

    No big losses in the songs that aren’t on this tracklist as compared to the other list.

    And thats an awesome cover for ‘Metal…

  2. Just for the record – previews for all the tracks are available now on the US iTunes store – disc 1 actually features a 20th track, ‘Blue vs. Pinkerton (interview)’, which was mentioned in the leak a week or two ago.

    They also have the ‘Deluxe’ cover variation on the iTunes store, which is pretty much the same deal as the Deluxe Blue cover, except slightly different typesetting.

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