Turtle Soup

This new thing called eating dinner continues for Hope.  This week, we started her on green beans, which she doesn’t like as much as the squash.  Sweet potatoes are up next, and we’re hoping that because of their sweet flavor, consistency and similarity to squash, Hope will like them as well.

We had some questions about feeding issues, especially with a child with a cleft palate, so met with our team at Children’s Hospital yesterday. They assured us she’s looking good and is growing well.  Her next surgery will be scheduled for early next year.  After that, they usually start speech therapy, since babies with cleft palates have issues with speech because their mouths aren’t able to make certain sounds.

This past week has brought a bunch of firsts for Hope.  She went on a swing and down a slide over the weekend.  We heard her first ga- and ba- vocalizations today.

We call Hope our action adventure girl.  The Civee says Hope lives life like she’s on fire.  There’s never a dull moment when she’s awake and in a good mood.

Now that she’s six months old, I’ve been told to expect firsts on a near-daily basis.  But I don’t mind if she just hangs out and enjoys life.  But knowing Hope, we doubt she’ll sit still.

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  1. Hope just get cuter & more amazing every time you post. I’m so glad she has such wonderful parents.

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