Does Hope Know It’s Christmas Time At All?

Christmas has come and gone, and for Hope, it was a wonderful, if overwhelming time.

In the last few weeks, our house has undergone a lot of internal modifications- weatherizing some windows and doors, adding a Christmas tree in Hope’s playroom, and setting up Hope’s play area.  There’s enough room for the three of us and a plethora of Hope’s toys.  Our home is safe for Hope and it’s great to have a spot for her to play in that we can completely control.

As for Christmas, it’s safe to say that Hope had a good time.  We’ve seen a lot of family and friends over the last few days.  While she’s shy at first,  she eventually opens up and joins the party.  The three of us have spent time with both sides of the family and we think Hope knows that something special has been going on lately.

Christmas morning, Hope awoke to find her play room filled with some new toys- a farm playset, a 100-piece set of styrofoam blocks (that were already set up) and a wrapped box.  Hope’s approach to the toys has been interesting.  She loves to knock over the farm.  She has no use for 99 of the blocks, as her favorite thing has been to take one of the blocks and chew on it, ignoring all the others.  As for the box, well, it’s still mostly wrapped and makes noise as you touch it (rumor has it that it’s a remote control).  Hope has torn away at some of the paper, but seems more content with toppling over the farm or chewing on one of her blocks.  If we’re lucky we can recycle the mystery box for her birthday!

For the past few days, King Classic, my sister and stepmother have been in town.  Hope has had a lot of fun playing with them.  For Christmas dinner, King Classic and I made pierogies, kielbasa and scallops for dinner.  After spending the day playing with her new toys and relatives, Hope joined us in chowing down on pierogies and kielbasa.

Update: Hope was playing with her mother and tore away a little more of the mystery box’s wrapping.  But then she saw one of her blocks out of the corner of her eye and was distracted.

Anyway, I’m off tomorrow and it will be fun to spend more time with The Civee, sister and Hope.  Maybe soon Hope will be interested in more than one block at a time.

Here’s a little of Hope on Christmas morning:

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4 thoughts on “Does Hope Know It’s Christmas Time At All?

  1. Loved tge pics of Hope at work and play.
    Hope and her parents made the Phalen Christmas special!!

  2. Dear Christiana and Tom.
    What Great Memories you will have and cherish… her first Christmas; her first Birthday, her first everything. She’s special and she’s the First. Thank you for sharing the Memories.
    X’s & O’s
    It is wonderful to see how happy she is. Only wish that we had pictures of your mother and the rest of ours when they were young. Hope that you and Christiana did not mind my including a short history about WW2 and the depression, both resulted in a greater USA, which is now on the down side.
    All of the best, PaPa

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