Who’s Faxin’ You Now? Who’s Dialing Your Car Phone?

Columbus is one of a handful of lucky cities to have hosted two Weezer concerts this year.  I went to both, a show at the State Fair and another free concert at a local college.  Both shows were good.  Unfortunately, the other cities with two concerts were stops on the Memories Tour, a two-night event where the band will play a setlist containing the complete Blue Album with a second setlist containing Pinkerton on back-to-back nights.

And if that’s not enough, Saturday night, in New York, they busted out this gem:

This was the first time Weezer played Jamie voluntarily since the mid-90s (a few years back, at an event where the band was accompanied by their audience, the audience started the song, pretty much forcing the band to finish it).

Did I mention that one of the Columbus shows was free?

I did?

Congratulations, New York, you win.

Thanks to allthingsweezer for the video.

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