Hope Knows Who I Am

Now that her cleft palate has been repaired, Hope is theoretically able to make all sorts of consonant sounds she was not able to before.

She’s been saying things like “Ma-Ma” for a few months, even when referring to The Civee.  Last week after the surgery, she started making a few “Na-Na” sounds, making her able to sing along to Hey Jude.

But today marked the greatest day for Hope’s growing vocal skills.  We were playing after I came home.  And she unleashed a “La-La” and “Ba-Ba.”  But to top it all off, she said “Da-Da.”

I’m very proud of her.

Nevermind the fact I was holding a stuffed giraffe when she said it, but the foundation for greatness is there.

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One thought on “Hope Knows Who I Am

  1. From the moment Hope was born and quieted in her daddy’s arms, she knew who her daddy was. She may not have had the ability to say the words but it’s obvious once daddy comes through the door and Hope’s face brightens that she not only knows but also dearly loves her daddy.

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