The Rockingest Lullabies Baby Will Ever Hear

Around this time last year, The Civee and I were shopping in some store for babies or expectant parents when I saw a display of CDs from Rockabye Baby.  The company takes music by popular artists and converts them into lullaby versions.  This particular display had lullaby versions of songs from The Beatles and U2.

I took a few pictures with my cell phone and was planning on writing a blog entry about the CDs.  I was going to say how it was a shame that the U2 version didn’t have a version of the greatest U2 song ever.  Or about how it was a crime that there was no Weezer lullaby CD.  But we were expecting a baby and trying to buy a house and all so I didn’t exactly get around to it.

Well, it’s a year later and the Rockabye Baby version of U2 still does not have Lemon.  They are, however, coming out with a Weezer lullaby CD.  On behalf of parents everywhere, it’s a relief knowing this injustice has been corrected.  The tracklist for the Weezer version is actually pretty good (with the exception of Beverly Hills), containing mostly songs from their first two albums, plus an early B-Side.

Hope already likes Weezer.  And it was established pretty early on that she rocks.  But we’ll probably end up getting her one anyway.  However, I won’t buy the U2 version until they make Lemon into a lullaby.

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2 thoughts on “The Rockingest Lullabies Baby Will Ever Hear

  1. Thanks for the little plug for your site. Nothing against Austrailia. Love that Paul Hogan and all, but I could buy the CD from any retailer here in America and the shipping cost would be a lot less.

    Unless you throw in some Vegemite or something.

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