Like Her Dad, Hope Loves Weezer

Yes, I’ll admit it- I listen to a lot of Weezer around Hope. I listen to other music too, but it just so happens that I listen to more Weezer than anything else.

And Hope has picked up on the Weezer awesomeness. As I’ve mentioned before, Weezer has a lot of kid-friendly videos. And every now and then, Hope and I will watch Buddy Holly or Keep Fishin’ (for some reason, she cries when she sees the puppies in the Island in the Sun video). Earlier this evening, we were watching the Buddy Holly video and she started going crazy.  I captured some of it on camera, but this is tame compared to what she was doing at the start of the video.

I don’t know what’s better- her reaction to the video or her correctly identifying The Fonz at the moment when he walks in. Although, the whole going to get No Neck and fixing the chair thing is cute too.

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5 thoughts on “Like Her Dad, Hope Loves Weezer

  1. That is cute and cool at the same time. I think her shout-out to the Fonz is the best part, even if most people who aren’t familiar with the video wouldn’t get it.

  2. What a doll! Maybe she’ll be on dancing with the stars as one of the professional dancers!!!

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