Hope at Two

Last night, The Civee and I realized something- we’ve kept our daughter alive for two years.

It’s amazing the progress she’s made over the past 12 months. She’s getting better at understanding what we say, her speech is coming along (something we were concerned about earlier on, with her being born with a cleft lip and palate) and she went from having no hair to having a halo of hair that would make Art Garfunkel jealous. Here she is over the past 12 months:

As with every other stage, Hope is a lot of fun right now. We enjoy having her to ourselves, especially considering in a few months she won’t be the only kid in the house.

I know soon she won’t be as big a Weezer fan as she is. And she won’t repeat everything I say with such enthusiasm (she learned Hello, Newman! last night). But she is an incredible little girl. And The Civee and I are proud to be her parents.

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3 thoughts on “Hope at Two

  1. She has really grown from a baby to a little girl in the past year. What wonderful pictures. Where did the time go?!!! Also just wanted to mention, I was witness to her “Hello Newman!”

  2. To Hope – via her wonderful Parents,
    Christina & Tom Chansky –

    Welcome, Hope!
    – To the first day of your third year!
    – My God be with you, as He has always been every day of your first two years, providing your smile to every one who has passed before you.
    – Lots of Love,
    and Kisses X X X,
    Nana & Papa!!!

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