The Adventures of Luke Thomas Chansky

This is old news, but getting posted to the blog now because we haven’t had Internet access here at the Kingdom since Friday thanks to the summer storm of the century.

During that storm, Luke Thomas Chansky was born on Friday afternoon after a 10-hour labor (that seemed longer) and a quick delivery. He was more than 9 pounds, but is tall (his height has been taken a few times, with varying results, but all readings have him at taller than 20 inches). Also, like his sister, he scored a 9 both times on his Apgar score.

Luke has been home since Sunday afternoon. Hope loves her little brother and he’s the first thing she asks about (in a good way) when she wakes up each morning and when she gets off the school bus each afternoon.

And just like Hope, The Civee and I are glad to have Luke around.

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6 thoughts on “The Adventures of Luke Thomas Chansky

  1. Welcome to the family, little Luke! Love you already. Enjoy holding that baby, Hope, Tommy & Christina! xoxo from me, Brad and all the little Pierces

  2. Finally we’re connected! What a beautiful boy! That picture reminds me of you, Tom, when you were born. Cannot wait to hold him and my girl!

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