The Firefighter and the Pumpkin

Our family reached a milestone this Halloween: Hope kept her costume on all night.

Just like last year, we let Hope pick her costume. She wanted to be a firefighter. With her rejection of the helicopter costume in mind, we wanted to keep this year’s costume simple. Helmet, boots and that’s it. She was very proud of the helmet. She was also much more into trick-or-treating. A little too much, as she wanted to keep going and eat her candy after every stop. She learned eventually and thankfully, we were able to limit her intake.

Not only was she proud of her helmet, but she also seemed happy to tell Luke what was going on and involve him in her night.

(I should note that bag isn’t her bag full of treats. It’s just a Target bag full of toys. She’s really into bags right now).

If the outfit Luke’s wearing looks familiar, that’s because it’s not the first time it’s been worn in the family. Hope (at six months) wore it two years ago. Luke, who just hit four months this week, barely fit into it. I don’t know if it’s just me, but they look similar. You’d almost think they were brother and sister or something:

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5 thoughts on “The Firefighter and the Pumpkin

  1. She looks soooo cute in her hat and her boots! He is aborable as a pumpkin….but where is his hat? Did he get any of the candy?

  2. Now, how cute are these two munchkin/pumpkins!?!!! what a beautiful family you have ! Keep up the pictures! Love them! Betsy

  3. Luke does look like the boy version of Hope! We always said, in our family, that Blake looks like the boy version of Liberty. Your kids are SO cute.

  4. Thanks Dawn, I really feel lucky having a boy follow our daughter. It’s a nice balance.

    Betsy, you are always welcome to come see us in person!

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