Happy Birthday Hope

Last year, in a post for Hope’s second birthday, I mentioned she had a “halo of hair that would make Art Garfunkel jealous.”

Well, Hope is now three. Her hair is even crazier and she’s become an amazing little person. Last year, she could say a sentence or two and follow along in conversations. Now, she’s telling whole stories and picking up on every little thing The Civee or I say. And she’s a great big sister.

Here she is over the past 12 months. The Civee mentioned that I messed up, going side-to-side with the pictures instead of up and down. To which I reply, my blog, my rules.

Happy birthday, Hope!

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5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Hope

  1. Happy Birthday to my beautiful and spunky niece!! We will have a playdate celebration when I see you next!! Lots of hugs and kisses

  2. Hope …..what a sweet little girl. It’s such a joy watching her grow. Nana and Papa

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