One thought on “What I’m Listening to Today

  1. Soo my bed for the night is grandma and popa’s lovely couch (all the beds are spoken for upstairs) and since it is about six inches too short to assit in putting me into a coma I reached over to the coffee table and picked up grandma’s ipad. I was hoping that it would instantly put me to sleep regardless of the uncomfortable position I was in as it did for popa some 5 hrs ago…Well after opening up the internet directly to your blog, which I had no idea existed, and catching up on your last three years, here I lay still just as awake and uncomfortable as I was two hrs previous!! I must say your blog is fantastic! I really enjoyed your entries along with the pictures of Hope and Luke! Looks like ya’ll are doing great! I noticed that grandma commented on quite a few entries; it is wonderful that they are able to keep up with you guys- I bet you havent heard her tell you, “Keep those letters coming” in some time now! Will be checking in from now on- keep up the good work! p.s. I didn’t know you are such a fan of Weezer- I used to jam to them before every track meet!

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