Luke, I am Your Tom

LukeI’ve written before about when both my children first started using the word “dada” to refer to me (for the record, Luke used it a lot sooner than he did “mama”).

Luke would be turning 20 months tomorrow if February was like other months (but it doesn’t so he’s stuck at 19 months). His language keeps growing. The Civee and I estimate he has about 100 words. And I am two of them.

Recently, Luke will see me, come up to me and go “Dada…Tom. Tom. Tom. Tom.” And he’ll repeat the use of Tom for a while. It doesn’t bother The Civee or I at all (there are probably worse things he could call me). One of the important parts of speech development at this stage is communication. And knowing multiple names for something is a good sign.

Now if only I could get him to start using a King in front of that Tom.

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