Tracking the flood, part 17

401Expatriates In Paris       6
402Doorbell 002
403The Tower of Babel – great piano riff because the night
404Why Won’t You Love Me – v10 verse
4052017-01-13 Untitled1
406Don’t Show Us Your Boobies
407She’s Just A Girl – v4 @130
408El Presidente – 2012-8-23 sketch 3
409I Screwed It All Up
410Come to Stay aka Angel and the One
41137 37 37 37 A37
412Gravity Will Bring You Down – v3
413Work 2-12-2013 10h39m3s
414crushing piano circle of 4ths
415Sepultura – 2
417autotune my face ideas
418Too Good For Me – v3 point 2
419Any Friend of Diane’s   6 three verses @88
420Fast Acoustic Riff
421You’re Prettier Than You Think    2
422ideas 10-8-2011 16h32m39s
423You Could Take Me Anywhere   8
424The Rules Of Life – v38
425I Can’t Break Your Heart Slow – SFTV

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