Weezer Pays Homage To The New Dude In Charge

It’s looking like it will be a good fall for Weezer fans. Even with the Pinkerton Deluxe (no tracklist yet) retrospective, unreleased tunes compilation Odds and Ends (same here) and possibly another installment in the Alone Series (your guess is as good as mine) coming this fall, Weezer is releasing their eighth studio album on September 14.

Rolling Stone had some details about the upcoming album, entitled Hurley, hinting that its title may be inspired by one our favorite characters here at the Kingdom:

After parting ways with their longtime label Geffen/Interscope, Weezer will release Hurley — which may be named after the portly Lost character — through California-based punk label Epitaph.

Seems that like Raditude, this album will feature a few collaborations, but unlike Raditude, these collaborations will be with more rock-influenced artists, like Mac Davis, who wrote In The Ghetto for Elvis Presley (the other King).

As revealed on the Alone II album, much of Rivers’ early material was influenced by the pop sounds of the Beach Boys.  In a way, Hurley could represent a return to Rivers’ roots.  From RS:

Instead, Hurley will focus on the melodies and major chords of traditional ’60s pop. In addition to the planned first single “Memories,” other new tracks include “Ruling Me” and “Hang On,” another pop-rock track that “sounds like Frankie Valli but mixed with Metallica guitars.” There’s also “Smart Girls,” Cuomo’s ode to all the girls that proposition on him on Twitter. … “Smart Girls,” which Cuomo compares to the Beatles’ “Back in the U.S.S.R.” in the sense that it sounds like someone else writing a “cheesy Beach Boys type of song.”

In case you have to ask, yes, I’m looking forward to this.  Speaking of things I’m looking forward to, the Lost DVD set coming out later this month will have a look at what Island life is like under the Hugo Reyes regime.

Lost: One Last Time

Way back when I first started watching Lost, I was drawn to the show because of all the mysteries.  While the characters were somewhat interesting, I watched because I wanted to find out more about the Island.  As the seasons progressed, sure, I liked the characters, but I wanted to learn more about things like the DHARMA Initiative, the smoke monster and the frozen donkey wheel.

Well, tonight was Lost’s final episode.  And not all of my questions have been answered.  But the finale was so emotionally satisfying, especially for the show’s characters that I find myself not caring about the mysteries.

Funny how these things work.

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It Only Ends Once

Twenty-four hours from now, one of my favorite television shows will start its final episode.

While other people have expressed despair about LOST ending, I’m not feeling it.  I know I’ll miss the show once it’s not on the air every week from January through May.  But this is a day that I’ve been waiting for since I watched the first episode on DVD during the summer of aught-five.  Some questions will be answered, but more importantly, the story of Jack, Locke, Desmond, Sawyer, Hurley, Ben and all the rest will be over.  I’m not glad that it’s over, but I’m glad that we’re at the end of the story (if that makes any sense).

To prepare for the final episode, I’m going into a blackout mode.  Since I first got into Lost, I’ve followed other Web sites (like DarkUFO and DocArzt).  But because the end is so soon, and apparently, spoilers are out there, I’m enacting radio silence (or, more accurately, Web invisibility) until after tomorrow’s episode.  I’ve been spoiled for things in the past, but I want to go into tomorrow with a blank slate.

I really don’t have any theories as to how it will all end.  While I’m not as hostile to the Sideways universe as I was at the beginning of Season Six, I hope the story ends on the Island in the universe we’ve been watching these six years.  It would be great to get some more answers to the questions we’ve had along the way, but if they don’t answer everything, I’m cool with that.

I did have one thought the other day- Desmond and Jack first met in a stadium following Jack’s performing surgery on Sarah and had the following exchange:

DESMOND: Ah, a girl, right?

JACK: A patient.

DESMOND: Ah, but a girl patient. What’s her name?

JACK: Her name’s Sarah.

DESMOND: What’d you do to her then?

JACK: Do to her?

DESMOND: You must have done something worthy of this self-flagellation.

JACK: I told her — I made a promise I couldn’t keep — I told her I’d fix her and I couldn’t. I failed.

DESMOND: Well, right. Just one thing — what if you did fix her?

JACK: I didn’t.

DESMOND: But what if you did?

JACK: You don’t know what you’re talking about, man.

DESMOND: I don’t? Why not?

JACK: Because with her situation that would be a miracle, brother.

DESMOND: Oh, and you don’t believe in miracles? Right. Well then, I’m going to give you some advice anyway. You have to lift it up.

JACK: Lift it up?

DESMOND: Your ankle. You’ve got to keep it elevated. It’s been nice chatting.

JACK: Jack.

DESMOND: Jack, I’m Desmond. Good luck, brother. See you in another life, yeah?

You have to lift it up. In the Sideways universe, the Island is at the bottom of the ocean.  What if all Jack has to do is lift it up?  Stupid idea, but I just thought I’d share.

If you’re a Lost fan, I hope you enjoy tomorrow as much as I do.  If you’ve never seen the show, it’s not too late to start watching.  I may not have a post up until much later after the finale, but I’m sure I’ll have some sort of reaction.

See you in another life.

Lost: What They Died For

It wasn’t supposed to be him.

If, way back during Lost Season 1, you were to go through all of the survivors of Oceanic 815 and pick one to be the protector of the Island for all eternity, the smart money would have been on John Locke.  Locke believed in the power of the Island and experienced its benefits first hand.  The actions he took were to explore the Island and learn about its secrets.  Locke’s main rival, Jack Shepard was everything Locke was not.  Rather than believing that the Island was some special place, he was focused on escaping it and getting back to his life.  The protector of the Island was supposed to be John Locke.  Jack Shepard was supposed to leave the Island and save those who needed to be saved off of it.

Yet here we are.  Six seasons later, with What They Died For, the second-to-last episode of Lost.  John Locke as we know him is dead,  A quasi-immortal centuries-old being is using his likeness.  And Jack Shepard, who was willing to go to “war” to get off the Island, experienced hell off it, traveled through space and time to get back and now willingly accepted the mantle of Island protector.

Congratulations Jack Shepard.

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Jacob Needs Help and The Candidates Are Way Across The Sea

Can you keep them in the dark for life?
Can you hide them from the waiting world?
Oh, Mother

Around this time last year, I was all but ready to declare Eloise Hawking the worst mother ever.  But after seeing the third-to-last episode of Lost, Across the Sea, I’m not so sure.

Tonight, we met the mysterious mother of Jacob and fLocke/the Man in Black.  Of course, she wasn’t their real mother.  She killed their real mother and raised them as her own children.  Strike one.  She played mind games with them to the point of denying the existence of life off the Island.  Strike two.  And after the birth mother was unprepared to give a name to her second child, mother let the poor kid live his whole life without giving him a name.  Strike three.

No wonder Smokey is so pissed.

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Not Even The Candidate Is Guaranteed A Happy Ending

Back during Lost Season Three, something surprising happened to me as a viewer; I started to like Charlie Pace, the English burnout has-been rockstar.  It was surprising because he could be very annoying at times and to me, his storyline, recovering from drug addiction, was one of the show’s least interesting.  But during Season Three, Charlie started getting appealing.  He was paired up with Hurley and later Desmond and actually committed a few heroic acts as the season wound down.  Then, in the season finale, Through The Looking Glass (an episode which unleashed the flashforward twist), Charlie died.

After watching that episode, two things hit me about Lost: first, I could not predict where the story was going to go.  Second, no one is guaranteed a happy ending.

So as I watched tonight’s episode The Candidate, these two things hit me again.  I have no idea where the story is going.  And no one is guaranteed a happy ending.

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The Last Recruit for Team fLocke

A while back, Charles Widmore told John Locke that a war was coming to the Island and unless John was on the Island when it happened, the wrong side would win.

In a way, John ended up back on the Island. So did Widmore. And now, the first shots have been fired in the war between Widmore and fLocke (and possibly Jacob).

And we have to wait two weeks to find out what happens next.

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Desmond: Making Sure Everyone Lives Happily Ever After

In any Lost universe, Desmond Hume is special.

We’ve heard characters who are familiar with the intricacies of time and space tell Desmond he’s special.  We’ve seen Desmond’s consciousness go back and forth in time.  And now, we’ve seen Desmond serve as a one-man link between the on-Island reality we’ve come to know over the past six years and the Sideways reality Lost’s final season has been based around. Continue reading “Desmond: Making Sure Everyone Lives Happily Ever After”

The Package and The Secret Room on the Submarine

Lost’s dynamic duo of Jin and Sun have served an interesting purpose throughout the series.  During the first two seasons, they were frequently at odds thanks to Jin’s overbearing nature and Sun’s propensity to lie.  In seasons three and four, they were together mostly, but never really factored into one of the main Island storylines or mythology.

Over the last season and a half, however, Jin and Sun have been apart, but both have the same goal: to reunite.  They’ve been off-island and back in time. Now, one is with Team Jacob and the other was with Team fLocke before being abducted by Widmore’s crew.  One of them is a candidate and fLocke is so certain of their importance that he’s willing to go to war with Widmore to get them back together.

So despite their not being part of the inner circle of main characters, Jin and Sun are important.

In tonight’s episode of Lost, “The Package,” we learned that in the Sideways universe, Jin and Sun are still together.  But there are (as usual) a few sideways wrinkles…

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