It’s been my lifelong dream to…

Earlier this week, some dumb kid took the Nestea Plunge at Yankee Stadium.

I’m probably not alone in admitting this (maybe I am), but there’s always been a part of me that wanted to do that. Guess I’ve always been curious about what it would be like to jump into the net from the upper deck- not that I’d do it in the middle of a game, much less actually do it from the upper deck.

Although it’s a good thing he didn’t do it in ’98. For some reason, the Yankees removed the top part of the net for that year, which was an issue between my father and I. He said it wasn’t needed. On the other hand, I thought the top part of the net was an invaluable part of the Yankee Stadium experience.

The top of the net led up to the luxury boxes. The people in the luxury boxes would bring fishing nets to grab foul balls that rolled up to them after landing on the top of the net. Most of the times, they’d miss. And when they did, the crowd would boo. I know it’s weird, but stuff like that entertains me. Adds to the ball game, you know?

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