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I haven’t been around here in a few days. I spent the last few days in Cincinnati. Also, I’ve been getting caught up on Lost- and I’m all ready to go for this season. I’ll admit I was wrong about it, because a year ago I was bitter about Alias being pushed back ’till January while having to settle for (what I thought was) a Gilligan’s Island ripoff, but in a way, I’m almost looking forward more to the new season of Lost than the new season of Alias.

Speaking of television, today, I caught a commercial promising an all-new episode of the Simpsons tonight. I was a bit surprised, partially because I thought they were going to start the new season after the World’s Series, but also, because a large part of me really didn’t care if I caught it or not.

I’m just not as into new Simpsons episodes as I used to be. Part of it’s real life- I travel a lot on Sunday nights. But part of it is because they just aren’t as good as they used to be. Every now and then, there’s a great episode, like Jaws Wired Shut, or the Catch Me if You Can ripoff, but the quality has (in my opinion) dropped drastically. It’s still a funny show, but the stories and characters aren’t as deep and the constant guest star cameos are getting annoying. And the last time I caught a new episode- sometime last spring, it felt like the whole first block was taken up by them crediting all 103 producers who work on the show.

Another part of it may be the DVDs. I’ve been looking through the 6th season set (which Christina got me for my birthday), and those were some quality shows. I have the other season sets also- and while the animation may not be up to today’s standards, most of those shows are better than the new ones they’re coming out with recently.

Damn, I’m getting old.

And for my Friday night dinner associates, I give you exotic fruit.

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