Obviously, it’s Monday.

Only half of the reading audience will “get” the title of today’s column (Needless to say, phrases like “Obviously, it’s (insert day of the week here)” and “Welcome to (insert day of the week here)” still ring in my head every day). But trying to please your whole audience is like herdin cats.

Damn, same half.

But anyways…

I was looking at the weather for this week and it’s supposed to be in the mid-40s all week here in central Ohio. I guess someone forgot it was early January. I’m not complaining, but I hate the cold. I do wish that this non-stormy week would actually wait till next week, when I’m on the road for work to (most likely) the most remote regions of the state. With my luck, we’ll have a four-day blizzard. Or five days of 80-degree weather, the way things are going.

In other things:

-My brother, who sent me a really cool coffee-table book on lucha libre for Christmas, has his face on a t-shirt. I have yet to see the shirt, but he said he’ll try to send me one before he goes to France for the next four months.

-Finally saw a preview for 24, which starts next week. The season looks interesting, but I feel like they’re going to have to kill off Jack soon. Although, I also thought that at the beginning of season three.

-The other show I watch, Lost, also starts up again this week. It’s about time. There were many times throughout this two-month hiatus that I was tempted to open up a book.

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