Happy incompetent bosses’ day!

As the clock ticks down, another hour of 24 fades…

Kind of weird, but Jack didn’t really seem like the center of attention this hour- but this was a great episode of 24. It had action and tension and Special Agent Aaron Pierce going Rambo, but we’ll get to that later.

Some thoughts:

-Logan, asked whether he should alert the motorcade “Yes…no!…uggh!!” If Logan had Palmer’s cabinet from season 2, they would have invoked the 25th Amendment the first time he had an upset stomach in the Oval Office.

-It’s a shame that I’m thinking of this now- but Logan has this Don Knotts vibe. Maybe he’s Knotts’ son or something. Rest In Peace, Don.

-Tonight, Edgar got two lines from the ladies that he’d been waiting years to hear:
Clöhe: “Meet me in the server room in three minutes” and later,
“Edgar, I need you to put a blanket on my subnet.” I think Edgar’s going to get some before the day is over!

-They finally bring in RoboCop. My first reaction to seeing Peter Weller was “damn, he’s wearing his pants pretty high there.”

-He’s only been in charge a few hours- Is there anyone at CTU who doesn’t want to shoot McGill? Why didn’t they think of this Section 112 thing earlier?

-Great moment of the season #2: “I’m relieving you of your command.” Great moment #3: “Release Bill Buchanan.” About time Curtis stepped up. Wonder if he’s still pissed at Jack for putting him in the Million Dollar Dream.

-If I was working at CTU when they carted off McGill, I would have gone up to him, flipping him the bird and shouting “who’s the boss now, biotch?!” Those CTU employees exercise amazing restraint.

-So the bad guys who hit the motorcade had bazookas, machine guns and flamethrowers. Looked like refugees from S.P.E.C.T.R.E. training.

-I really thought Aaron was dead. I don’t know why I doubted his awesomeness, but I thought he was a goner. And then he goes and kills the three attackers, hitting the final one in the flamethrower. Guess that bad guy received a Napalm Enema.

-How long did it take Jack and RoboCop to walk across the campus to get to the bunker?

-Okay, RoboCop is definitely a bad guy- namedropping Nina and Mason like that.

-I can’t belive that RoboCop pulled the wool over Jack’s eyes. Mr. Bauer, I’m disappointed.

-RoboCop has a pretty kickass theme song.

Next week: Two hours!

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