Not exactly quality planning

I’ve never taken down a terrorist. I’ve never saved a group of people. But I’m pretty sure I could have come up with a better plan than the eggheads at CTU.

Good episode- but it served the purpose of getting the good guys in even deeper than they were before. Has to happen every season.

-Why in the world would you give the terrorists a functioning chip?

-How many times has Logan said “What are you suggesting?” Is that his catchphrase? “What are you suggesting? If you think I should sit here and let someone else take the blame, give me a hell yeah if you smell what the president is cooking!”

-That moment between the first lady of cleavage and her aide really belonged on the Lifetime channel.

-He only said a few words on the phone, but I think any one with half a brain would have distringuished Jack’s voice from the creepy terror guy.

-Jack’s in the van and McGill says something like “Curtis, are you seeing this?” No, actually, McGill, he’s hearing it.

-No disrespect to Clohe and Edgar:I don’t know conference call ettiquette, but I’m pretty sure the President doesn’t need to be intrduced to them via conference call.

-Jack played an allright scared kidnap victim. However, in the back of the van, I think he should have faked a heart attack. That would have bought some time to put the next part of my plan into motion: evacuate the mall, and fill it with out-of-work actors. When cued, have all the actors fake death. Allow the terror guys to set off the gas, which would be stopped by closing down the ventilation system. Cue the actors to pass out, making the terror guys think their dastardly plot worked. They lead CTU to yellow tie dude, the season ends 15 hours early.

-Is Audrey turning into Mrs. Lovejoy: “Won’t somebody please think of the children?”

-Jack has killed two more people with his legs than any one else I know of. Okay, one more than Xenia Onatopp.

-How did Jack know how to stop the gas?

-If I was Jack, I would have gotten into the cookie stand/food court debate with the mall security guy. It’s a good thing I’m not Jack.

-So Logan sent McGill over. I think there’s more to this than meets the eye.

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