Rise and shine campers and don’t forget your booties…

I’m really glad today is Friday.

I set my alarm to wake me up every morning at 6:17 (random time, I know). The alarm is set to the local pop station, WBNS-FM. Usually, I don’t listen to this station (except for Friday Night 80s), but I have it set there for my alarm because I don’t like waking up to a buzzer, the station doesn’t have one of those lame morning shows, and the reception on my little clock radio is decent.

Anyway, the point of this story, today is the third time this week (including yesterday) that they’ve played Green Day’s “Wake Me When September Ends” as my alarm has gone off.

Nevermind the fact that even though I like Green Day, this is my least favorite song of theirs.

As soon as I heard the song, I got up and switched the radio off, because I didn’t want to wait around and see if the idiotic radio banter was the same as yesterday. But I admit, I was a little bit paranoid until I turned on my computer and saw that today was not yesterday.

Phil: Do you know what today is?
Rita: No, what?
Phil: Today is tomorrow. It happened.
Groundhog Day

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