Creep me out

What if stuff happened on an island, and no one told anybody else?
You’d have an episode of Lost that surprisingly answers some questions!

Tonight we had an oasis in a desert of Lost reruns. A good, but frustrating episode that revolved around all on-island flashbacks.

-I know I say this every episode- what happened to everyone living up at the caves?

-“So you’re a shrink, right?” Why do I have a feeling that a lot of island conversations start with “so you’re a [insert pre-island line of work here], right?”

-So Ethan is a doctor? He’s still creepy. All the flashbacks in this episode were creepy. I called the girl being crazy French chick’s daughter at her second appearance. And non-beardo/Zeke is creepy too. Did non-beardo/Zeke sat that he reports to someone else? Looks like Claire stumbled upon the creepy hatch this week.

-The disembodied voice coming from the safe was kind of funny. That guy is so an other it’s not funny.

-A few weeks ago, Eko was marking trees that he liked. Now he’s chopping trees with markings down. Make up your mind!!

-Loved the Eko/Jack confrontation. Jack does know better than to lie to a priest.

-So the girl squad finds the second hatch, open it up and walk inside. But they leave the doors open! Don’t they know they’re letting rain inside?

-Does Dharma brand EVERYTHING?

-I don’t know if it was me, but during the flashbacks, it looked like there were some other tunnels/hallways in the medical hatch. Why didn’t the girls explore those?

-When Eko walked into the vault, he scared me on two accounts: 1) I first thought he was going to start up an island chapter of Amnesty International. 2) Putting the knife up to his throat. Don’t scare me like that!

-That guy is so an other (yes, I know I said that before). I can’t believe Locke is getting played.

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