Freakout Island

Good episode of Lost, even if it didn’t give the people what they want.

So you have a compelling TV show, full of mysteries and drama. You have a cliffhanger episode, with a character who could solve some mysteries in a position where he could possibly shed some light on things. What do you do the next week?

Give that character a few minutes of screen time while focusing on other characters.

The only reason last night worked for me was because it was about Hurley. If they had pulled that and done a Charlie episode, for instance, I would have been pissed. I thought it was a compelling story with a great twist at the end, and even though I wanted to see the interrogation of not Henry Gale, I didn’t mind that much.

Other thoughts:

-That was some stash Hurley had. I would have figured a few boxes of Dharma-brand Twinkies, but that looked like a lot more than a few boxes.

-“All mango diet”? I’d be dead in a day. Unless someone cut them up for me.

-So Hurley and Libby were about to have their Han and Leia kiss, and Jin, the guy who speaks one language, plays the part of C-3PO and ruins it. It all goes back to Star Wars.

-Libby told Hurley she was proud of him for not freaking out. Was she paying attention? The guy ran away screaming.

-Is Hurley’s accident anything like the island “incident”?

-It’s pretty obvious Sayid and Ana Lucia are playing good cop, bad cop.

-I believe the guy who played Dave also played the slimy Amnesty International-style lawyer on 24 last season. I’d like to one day figure out all the actors who have been on Alias, Lost and 24.

-Sounds like they eat pretty good in the funny farm.

-So Locke’s a cripple again. I know what he’s going through. Or did, because I’m off the crutches again.

-Damn, Sawyer’s a wuss. It was fun watching him get beat up.

-So why doesn’t anyone live in the caves?

-How much would it have rocked, if when, Hurley started eating the peanut butter, Dave walked up and said, “so tell me, for five thousand dollars, who shot Alexander Hamilton?”

-I so didn’t see Dave being fake.

-Can’t imaginary friends just walk through windows/doors?

-Libby’s nice and all, but I think she’s a Two-Face.

-Damn. Freaky ending. Cool, but freaky.

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