Curbside Advertising

I live between two quasi-major roads, each with their fair share of shopping plazas.

Occasionally, establishments at various plazas will dress up some yahoo in an outfit and have them standing by the curb, jumping up and down and waving at cars in an effort to drum up business. I’ve seen this in all seasons, in the freezing cold and the sweltering heat.

In the past I’ve seen:
-A tax preparation service dress up people like the Statue of Liberty or Uncle Sam
-A Halloween Costume place dress up kids like the Incredibles
-A restaurant dress up people like giant hamburgers and hot dogs

And today, I saw two scantily clad young ladies bouncing up and down to publicize a gym while walking to pick up my car (nevermind the fact that when walking by, I heard a car slam on its breaks while passing by and almost causing an accident).

Of those four, the last is the only one that I think would get people’s interest–and that’s only half of the gym’s potential audience.

But other than that, does this type of exercise really have any appeal? Does seeing Lady Liberty holding her torch high in freezing weather make you think “gee, I gotta get my taxes done right this minute!”? Does seeing a guy dressed up like a giant hamburger make you hungry? Does seeing two women jumping up and down make you want to pump iron?

I just think it makes these poor saps look like shmucks and makes me angry at those people who slow down to look, wave or honk.

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