How do you stop a beep?

My life is becoming a Seinfeld episode.

Starting Thursday afternoon, I started noticing this beep coming from the apartment next to mine. Every ten seconds, I’d hear this loud, sharp beep from next door. It’s loud enough you can hear it in the hall way and throughout my apartment. And it’s just one quick beep every ten seconds.

Well, I haven’t seen my neighbors all week. And the beep has continued day and night, annoying the hell out of me.

Unlike Elaine and the alarm clock, I don’t think there are any shared outlets between the two apartments. And I don’t have a crazy Kramer-style neighbor I can convince to stick a paperclip in a socket, even if there was one.

Say this started Thursday afternoon around 5. Since then, it’s beeped more than 16,000 times.

So I’m left being driven crazy by this beep-wondering two things:

-What kind of device beeps every ten seconds for days on end?

-What type of sadistic mind would invent a device that beeps every ten seconds for days on end?

If any one knows, please tell me.

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