Jack Bauer thanks NO academy

Last night, for the first time in a long time, I watched an Awards Show.

There was nothing else on, other than the Emmys on NBC and watching it seemed like a couple-y thing to do.

Having Conan host it made it bearable. But what made it worth it was The Office winning Best Comedy, 24 winning Best Drama and Jack Bauer Kiefer Sutherland winning Best Actor honors. Usually, I don’t care about these things, but it’s nice to see the shows I watch get recognized.

I don’t see Jack trading in his magical cell phone for an Emmy trophy, but I do think sometime during the next season, they should work in a scene where Jack beats up some evil-doer with a trophy of some kind.

I should note that all this attention drawn to 24 has been good for Web traffic to the kingdom. In the past day, I’ve gotten a buttload of hits from google for people searching for Jean Smart +cleavage.

To quote the janitor who walked in on Frank Drebin while he was changing in the umpire’s locker room, “sorry, fellas.”

All these hits make me wonder about the hits I’d get should I write about other female celebrities. Could you imagine the numbers I’d get if I wrote about Annie Potts’ ankles? Or Sally Field’s earlobes? Or Lisa Loeb’s inner elbows?

It boggles the mind.

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4 thoughts on “Jack Bauer thanks NO academy

  1. Keifer Sutherland told James Lipton recently that his favorite word is “gravitas”.

    Mine is currently “juxtaposition”.

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