You take you and your 75 cent shirt to the movies

The last month has seen two of my favorite wrestlers say goodbye to the business.

A few weeks ago, the WWF/WWE released Kurt Angle.

Now, The Rock is saying he’ll never wrestle again. From insidepulse:

Is The Rock done with wrestling? According to reports at WrestlingObserver and PWInsider from Dwayne Johnson’s appearance on ESPN2’s “Cold Pizza” this morning, the answer is yes. On the show, he said that he had no plans to return to wrestling even though he misses performing in front of the live crowds, since he has accomplished all he could in the sport that he loved and grew up in. The Rock went on to say that he wanted new challenges, and realized four years ago it was time to move on.

Even in limited doses, like his last appearance, at WrestleMania XX, where he had a few weeks exposure prior to the event, the Rock is gold. He had a great interview before the match, and an amazing match (for a 2-on-3 tag match).

And Angle could wrestle a baseball bat and put on a great show.

Between the two of them, Chris Jericho retiring, and Chris Benoit jobbing to Bradshaw, I don’t have much to look forward to. Good thing I don’t watch every week like I used to.

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