Quantum Leap

Before I start talking about this week’s episode of Lost, there’s something else I want to publicly ponder.

I was watching the ‘?‘ episode from last season, and was wondering how things would have happened had Boone and Locke discovered and opened the Pearl Hatch after discovering the Nigerian Plane.  The original hatch probably wouldn’t have seemed so mystical, especially to Locke and Boone would have died another way.  But I guess, as Locke would say, that’s just the way the island would have wanted it.

Anyway, on to the present (or as Desmond likes to call them, re-runs):

I thought tonight’s episode was great.  I don’t want to see them do these all-off-island episodes, but I liked getting to understand Desmond and his encounter with the old woman was very thought-provoking.  I’m still trying to weigh in my mind whether Desmond really did experience all of that in real life, or whether he just re-lived what we saw right after the hatch exploded.

I don’t think I should waste too many brain cells trying to figure it out.

I don’t have many comments about this episode, other than two things:

-Eko’s dead.  On the island, he died a few days ago (or hours).  To us TV viewers, he died four months ago.  Kind of tough to put that in perspective as you’re watching.

-I’m kind of sick of seeing a dejected, jealous Charlie again.  I don’t mind Charlie, but he gets on my nerves being nosy and saying “Oy!” inbetween every other word.  I think this episode established one thing, though, and that’s Charlie is a horrible swimmer.

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