The beard of evil

I was all set to write a post on how I feel like Milo is becoming the new Tony (clashes internally with other members of CTU, once had suspect facial hair, established as an action hero in an out-of-CTU environment), but the episode-ending reveal kind of blew those plans out of the water.

I did not see former President Logan being on the other end of the phone at the end of tonight’s episode.  That was the first jump-off-the-couch moment of the season for me.  I’m guessing that Logan is under house arrest, doing nothing but watching television, waiting for Jack to call and letting his beard grow (just like Al Gore!). 

Even though I don’t really care much for the lets incapicitate the president angle that’s going on in the bunker, with the Logan reveal, I can finally get behind wherever this season is going.  And now that Logan’s back, they might also bring back the first lady of cleavage, which will be good for me, because I get all sorts of interesting visitors.

Anyway, onto the episode:

-I was really digging the Milo in action scenes.  I really think he’s the new Tony.  Except instead of a Cubs mug, he has that bowl of nuts from Season 1 (that was the payoff I had in mind for the whole thing about Milo that I was originally goind to write).

-Darth Bauer may be an evil mastermind, but he should really learn to keep his voice down when the person he’s threatening to kill over the phone just so happens to be in the next room.

-When Darth Bauer said “No one’s life is worth everything I built,” I really expected him to say something along the lines of “No one’s life is worth a Mr. Pibb.  Now back to the minibar.”

-The evil henchman Jack abducted- was that Matthew Perry?

-This aide-played by Chad Lowe- what does he do that he can just hang out in a boiler room all day?  Does he not have a supervisor or something that demands he do some type of work?

-I was glad that Tom actually stood up to Chad, even if he got beat down.

-This has gotten me thinking- if Chad is caught and convicted of treason, he could become a hanging Chad!

-So who put the PDA on the ledge for Jack?  I’m thinking Darth Bauer.

-The Logan reveal was great.  In the past few months, the Civee (who hadn’t been a 24 viewer) and I have watched the first four seasons on DVD.  Now, I think we have to find a way to squeeze in season five before next Monday.

-I have a feeling that President Wayne has a better chance of surviving next week than that happening.

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