Boat People Wielding The Sledgehammer of Exposition

I don’t know about you, but for me, this episode of Lost didn’t get going until about a half-way through…

..but once it got going, “Confirmed Dead” played out to be a solid episode.  I thought while short on answers, this episode had a nice amount of set-ups and reveals. But there was too much “oh, let’s go over here, meet this person, then go over here.” Although, in the big picture, I guess it’s nice they did this all in one episode rather than spread out over three or four.

I don’t know what to think of the boat people. I like Lapidus (the pilot), mostly because I thought it was a cool reveal that he was supposed to be the original pilot of flight 815. And Miles (the psycho ghostbuster) is cool, because he’s clearly mentally unstable and he lives in an alternate future where the Ghostbusters movies did happen (Venkman: “The franchise rights alone will make us rich beyond our wildest dreams“).

But as for the jittery physicist and the English bird, I don’t know. One cried and the other found a DHARMA polar bear in a desert. I’m much more interested in how and why the polar bear was in the desert than either of their stories.

Still, with Charlotte finding the polar bear and Lapidus’ connection to flight 815, all four of them are together for a reason. The last flashback, with Naomi and Abbadon (the scary guy from last week) shed some light on something, but I don’t know what. I’m guessing that they didn’t tell the team everything. Naomi knew that there were people on the island who weren’t “natives” (Desmond), but Lapidus clearly didn’t. My theory? Ben’s people/the Others planted the fake plane because they don’t want people looking for the island. Mr. Widmore (Penny’s father) knows Penny is looking for the island, hijacked her findings and hired Abbadon to a) wipe out Desmond and b) kill Ben, because there’s some connection between Ben and Widmore (or whoever’s behind Abbadon). They probably know about the Others’ gas attack on DHARMA (hence the gasmasks), but I’m not convinced they are DHARMA, because then everything else would have a logo on it.

Anyway, enough random theories. Other thoughts about tonight:

Yeah, Jack pressed Daniel and Miles about why they were there. But barely. He could have brought up Penny Widmore or something. You think he would have asked a bit more.

I was surprised that Hurley and Sawyer were questioning Locke as much as they were. If there was someone who knew when every single rainfall would end, I wouldn’t ask him if he knew if we were going in the right direction. I was impressed, however, that Locke actually shared information (namely, that he was shot) and glad to see that the missing kidney connection was actually mentioned.

I was very surprised that Jack was right when he said that his people had their guns pointed at Miles. Must have been the first time in four years that Jack was right about something.

Like I said earlier, I thought it was really cool that Lapidus was supposed to be the original pilot. I also thought that when he reached the top of that hill, he broke his leg.

One final thought: Ben is the puppet master. With everyone on his strings.

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