They Still Make Music Videos?

J-Dog only beat me to the punch here because I stayed late at work today.

Weezer has released the music video for their single Pork ‘n Beans on Youtube.

It’s only fitting they released it on Youtube, because the video co-stars YT celebrities, half of whom I don’t know.

Still, the video is well done (and it’s about time Weezer’s done a video with lightsabers), humorous and entertaining.

Much like 2001, it is a great time to be a Weezer fan. The band has the new album coming out June 3. To promote the album, they’ve started a series of webisodes starring band members (in addition to Rivers’ ongoing Let’s Write A Sawng project).  Along with the regular album, Weezer is releasing a deluxe version of the CD the same day (which would serve as the definitive album) and a bunch of other tracks (aside from the 14 tracks on the deluxe CD) to come in various markets, including:

  • The Weight (The Band Cover)
  • Life is what you make it (Talk Talk Cover)
  • It’s easy
  • I can love
  • Are friends electric? (Tubeway Army Cover)
  • Love my way (Psychedelic Furs Cover)
  • Oddfellow local 151 (REM Cover)

Lots of interesting musical choices. Like I said, it’s a great time to be a Weezer fan.

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