A Pox On Me

Earlier this week, I had a few bumps on my legs, which I thought were mosquito bites.  They changed slightly over the week to something resembling poison ivy.  Considering the fact that the last time I had poison ivy, I had a rash over 90 percent of my body that was headed for my windpipe, I thought it would be a good idea to seek medical advice.

Turns out I don’t have poison ivy, but instead, chicken pox. 

I’ve already had chicken pox. In fact, I had it during the Carter administration. So that whole “you can’t get chicken pox twice” thing is a lie.

While everyone else will be enoying their three-day weekend, I’ll be spending mine covered in benadryl cream trying not to itch.

Why do I always get these weird skin conditions over holiday weekends?

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