Those Two Little Words

On a scale of 1-10, my interest in football ranks about a 1.  And my interest in college football is even lower.

Which makes me about one of ten people in Columbus Ohio who does something different every Saturday when the local college team has a game.  For my first few years here, I was indifferent.  I just didn’t care.  But my view has changed.  As I said previously:

I admit that I’m an obnixous Yankees fan. But there are times in Columbus, when listening to people talk about the local college football team that I feel uncomfortable.

I wrote that last October, and I still feel that way.  There are certain things that drive me crazy, one of which is the use of the phrase “go bucks.” People use it to start and end sentences as well as everything in between. It’s used as a salutation and a departing greeting.  But what it really does is drives me crazy and encourages me to commit violence.  If I knew anything about college football, I’d probably have something to throw something back in their faces, but until then I’m left searching for a witty rejoinder as I stew, waiting for the madness to end.

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6 thoughts on “Those Two Little Words

  1. I start and end conversations with “Go Cubs,” so I can’t fault them for that.

    I do fault Buckeye fans for thinking they deserve to be in the National Championship every year.

    Go Trojans!

  2. I’m actually more of an Ohio State fan since I have left Columbus. It’s strange, when you are in the belly of the beast it is too much. I hated heaing nothing but Ohio State football. Now that I am in Raleigh, I don’t hear about it as much so now I have rewarmed up to OSU, I’m still a BG fan at heart, but I can throw down an O-H every once in a while.

  3. It’s a level of fanaticism that I will never understand.

    My current favorite people are the former OSU players that our local stations put on the air every year and treat everyone around them like crap.

    Let’s keep it in perspective guys. Try leaving Columbus and see if anyone really cares who you are and what you did, because if you were any good at all you’d be in the NFL and not commenting on a local football program.

  4. Unfortunately, 75% of Columbus’ local celebrities are the former players. Who wouldn’t be anything anywhere else.

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