When I Was Your Age…

Back in fourteen-ninety-two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue, and yada yada yada, The Civee and I had the day off.

When I used to work in news, I hated Columbus Day (along with Veterans’ Day and a few others) because banks, government and the post offices were closed, but we had to work.  Most of the times, except for the occasional local celebration, there was nothing else at all going on.  And the one source of an easy news story (the government) wasn’t working, making us dig even harder for something to cover.

Now that I’m on the other side of the equation, I have the day off again.  Growing up, Columbus Day was always the first day off in the school year, and back when I was in school, it was one of the few things in the fall that I looked forward to.  

But things have changed for kids these days.  The Civee and I were out riding our bikes today, and we passed an elementary school, and the kids were getting out of school. On Columbus Day!  

At first I was outraged that kids would have school today. But then, I started thinking…when The Civee and I have kids, it would be nice if there were a day or two when they have school and she and I have the day off.  The kids would already have the whole summer off–so what’s a day or two here and there for mom and dad?  I actually think it’s a great idea–parents need days off apart from their kids.  Adults need days off that kids don’t have.  Do whatever you want with it, just realize that you have the day to yourself, while kids all over are stuck in school.

If it works out this way when our kids are in school, knowing me, I’d rub it in their face.  The little brats deserve it.

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