Something I Should Have Done A Long Time Ago

I’ve been a member of AOL since sometime in 1992.  And today, I’m declaring the era of AOL as my primary online identity (e-mail address, etc) over.

To put that in historical perspective:

  • Mel Hall was on the Yankees roster.
  • The British Bulldog was the WWF Intercontinental Champion.
  • Weezer had barely been a band for six months at this point.
  • Timothy Dalton was James Bond.

I gave up AOL as my ISP three-plus years ago.  And now, after being fed up with unreliable Web mail service and ads at the bottom of every e-mail, I’m switching to Gmail.  

I’ve had Gmail for a while, but out of some sense of loyalty have always given out my AOL SN first.  Well, no longer.  I’ve set up Gmail to import my AOL e-mail automatically, which it’s done a good job of doing.  And today, Gmail rolled out their themes, which are pretty entertaining.  Plus, it’s free, with no ads in the outgoing e-mail, so I’m going to stick around.

My independence begins now.

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