I Wish I'd Read That Book By That Wheelchair Guy

After eight months, Lost picks right up from where it left off with two new episodes, Because You Left and The Lie.  The show which seemingly juggles genres finally started probing two issues that it had hinted at in earlier years–time travel and (well, for the first scene at lease) the workings of the DHARMA Initiative.

It’s great to have Lost back, and it was great to end the hiatus with two episodes.  The shows were good, but a little disjointed.  The one drawback to having characters in different locales is that it’s hard to get a good narrative going when you’re skipping story tracks like a record (or the inhabitants of the island tripping through time).   I like what’s happening on the island.  Ben’s attempts at getting everyone together is interesting.  Sun and Kate on the other hand, are kinda boring.  The only possible redeeming quality of that storyline is that I don’t trust Sun at all, so Kate deserves what’s coming for putting her trust in Sun.  

And Ben has 70 hours to get everyone back to the island.  What is this, 24?

Some other thoughts:

-I’ve asked it before and I’ll ask it again: Do we really need previouslies when we’ve just sat through an hour-long clip show?

-I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Daniel looks like a cross between Rivers Cuomo and the “Macho Man” Randy Savage.

-I’m glad they took the time to explain the ground rules of time travel.  Apparently, we’re in a different universe than Back to the Future, because you can’t change the past (or the future).  But then, what’s the point?

-And that’s why you put the knives in the dishwasher handle-first.

-How many leg injuries has Locke had since he got to the island?

-I always thought Desmond would avoid boats after his last sailing expedition.

-This episode had two great cameos- Ana Lucia, and Mrs. Hawking, who incidentially shares a last name with that Wheelchair Guy and who I’m betting is Daniel’s mother.

-Watching Survivorman has taught me that they could have used the raft’s engine and gas to start a fire.  But since Survivorman didn’t premiere until 2004, I guess the lostaways were out of luck.

-Speaking of fire, is it me, or is it ironic that the guy who made his living hawking frozen goods ends up being killed by fire?

-I hope that Locke doesn’t become next week’s mystery meat.

-Looks like we may finally solve the mystery of how those World War II-era weapons ended up on the island.

What did you think?

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