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I don’t know about you, but if someone told me they were from the future,  I’d listen to what they had to say.  I’m not saying I’d believe them, but I’d let them talk.

And if even they happened to talk about things (I think) they weren’t supposed to know about and get a few details right and then end their rambling with an omnious preminition along the lines of, oh, I don’t know, “You’re all gonna die,”  I’d let them keep talking.  I’d maybe even take some notes, ask a few questions.  Again, I wouldn’t believe them outright, but I’d listen.

Well, in tonight’s episode of Lost, He’s Our You, the DHARMA Initiative proved why they didn’t stick around on the Island all that long.

Even though it started off with a seemingly unrelated flashback (and possibly starting a trend of unrelated flashbacks) He’s Our You turned out to be typical Lost, mindblowingly wonderful.  The final scenes, in which a young Ben helps suspected Other Sayid escape only to have Sayid carry out his (self assumed) purpose and kill Ben were captivating.

Going by my gut instinct,  I have a feeling that Ben isn’t dead (young or old).  I don’t think future Ben is going to fade out of existence Back To The Future-style.  And I don’t think any history has been changed. Rather, the Island will find a way to save Ben.

That’s why Sawyer has been playing by Faraday’s rules for the past three years- he hasn’t told DHARMA about the purge because doing so wouldn’t do any good, for him or DHARMA, nor would it change things. In the same vein, Ben will somehow grow up to be the same person he always was, though it remains to be seen whether he was always shot by Sayid (and indeed, if he remembers it).

Last episode, we were told Faraday wasn’t around anymore (or wasn’t available- something like that).  It would help if he’s around so that someone would explain all the time travel business.

Among the returned Losties, Sayid obviously wasn’t around for any of Faraday’s lectures, and Jack, Kate and Hurley only caught a shortened version from Saywer.  If he knew more, it’s likely Sayid would have done things differently this episode.  Still, we got one way back flashback and a few more recent ones (all within the Lost timeframe) about how he got to be who and where he is.

The ‘interrogation’ scene was a fun one, even if the high points were divided by Sayid’s “predictions,” Sawyer’s squirming and Radzinsky’s yelling.  Horace may really want to re-think having Radzinsky at any future interrogations for the simple fact that you’re not supposed to take focus off of the individual being questioned.  But to him, that interrogation was all about Radzinsky, which didn’t turn out good for all of Horace’s little DHARMA buddies.

One other thing about the interrogation- was it really surprising that the former hippies would have a supply of LSD handy?  That guy wasn’t their torturer, he was just their resident acid trip expert.

Some other things:

-If someone is going to kill you, and you have the money to pay them off, don’t flash the money until you’re assured they won’t kill you.  Otherwise, they’ll just kill you and take the money.  Or maybe they don’t think about such things in Russia.

-Between the hat in the Russian scene and the suit in the trip to the Dominican, Ben was looking quite dapper.

-Also, about that scene between Ben and Sayid in Russia, I was surprised Ben just let Sayid go.  I think Sayid was doing more than taking care of Widmore’s dangerous underlings.

But from what we’ve seen of Ben, it seems like there would be a lot more to Sayid’s final mission than “okay, you’re done, thanks and goodbye.”

-I liked that the bounty hunter was after Sayid for one of his past crimes.  And if we hadn’t seen her previously on the show, in that one scene in the hotel room when she asked him to take her boot off, I would have expected her to have a fake leg.  Just me?  Thought so.

-I think one of the many things that bugs me about Jack can be summed up this way: Here’s a guy who survived a plane crash, saw an island disappear, and traveled back in time (in addition to all of the other things that we’ve seen happen throughout the series).  Yet he still doesn’t believe and is unwilling to admit that his past decisions are wrong.  I have no idea why Kate and Hurley still look to him as their leader.  For all Jack’s done he deserves to report to Roger Linus.

What did you think?

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