Pop and Rock

Three non-Lost related blog updates in one week.  There must be something in the air.

Well, actually, I’m writing because of two music-related items.

The first- Michael Jackson’s died today.  For some reason, this makes me feel old.  I still have somewhere in my basement the copy of Thriller I received for Christmas all those years ago.  For as weird a guy as he turned out to be, he was extremely talented, and he helped make the 80s the greatest decade for pure pop music.

The second (and also music related)- according to Rolling Stone, yesterday was the 15th anniversary of the release of Weezer’s first single, Undone (the Sweater Song).  I didn’t hear it until a few months later, but ever since then, let me just say that things haven’t been the same.

And to celebrate this anniversary, I give you the reason Agamemnon went to Troy:

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  1. They’re playing all of MJ’s songs on the radio now…but the one I really want to hear is Torture.

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