Who Will Have The Titular Line On Weezer's Raditude?

Back in aught-five, when I heard the title of Weezer’s fifth album was to be “Make Believe,” I wasn’t quite sure what to think. Sure, it grew on me, but there was some initial uncertainty.

Today, after learning the title of Weezer’s seventh album (coming October 27) will be “Raditude,” I feel a similar uncertainty.

At first, I read the title as “Ratitude,” which would have been even worse, considering the last decent album about rats was Michael Jackson’s “Ben.”

But then I fully woke up and read the title correctly. Still, I suppose it could have been worse (“Brownerton,” “Maladroit II: Maladroit Harder”). And knowing me, it will grow on me.

The title could make sense given Rivers Cuomo’s ongoing transformation into Good Ol’ Fun Time Rivers. Either way, I’m looking forward to hearing who has the titular line.

UPDATE: According to Rivers’ Twitter (twitter.com/RiversCuomo), we have Rainn Wilson to thank for the title. I’m not going to any of this summer’s Blink/weez shows, but if Weezer ends up playing the Schrute Farms Beetfest, I am so there.

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2 thoughts on “Who Will Have The Titular Line On Weezer's Raditude?

  1. As a non-Weezer fan I think Raditude is a fine name. Relax Weezer fans. They are just having some fun with the title.

  2. “I’ve had it up to here with all this raditude.”

    I kinda like the name. Weezer is supposed to be goofy.

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