How To Make Football Watchable

So this weekend, The Civee was watching the Cincinnati Bengals take on the New York/New Jersey Jets in a playoff football game.  Feeling the need to fill my football-watching quota of a few minutes for this year, I sat down to watch with her.

During the action, I had an idea which could revolutionize the game of American football forever: the decoy ball.

You know how on boats they have those emergency rafts that can inflate in 2 seconds? Why not equip the offense with a similar device.  Un-inflated, it could be about the size of a quarter.  When activated, it would automatically inflate and resemble a football (but in reality have the weight and feel of a beach ball).

The offense calls the play, everyone (or just one or two players) activates their decoys, and BOOM, the defense doesnt know who to cover, and the guy with the real ball goes in for a touchdown.

Way I see it, it’s the football equivalent of the hidden ball trick (or at least the rosin bag trick used by Henry Rowengartner in Rookie of the Year).  Adds some creativity and confusion to a game that I find difficult to watch.

I’ll spare you The Civee’s response.  But just know that I’m ready to make American football watchable for the first time since the players stopped wearing leather helmets.


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2 thoughts on “How To Make Football Watchable

  1. Sounds good to me! I’m all for rugby rules myself, or something where you can throw the football in any direction at any time – just keep passing and running around.

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