Mowing It Old School

Thanks to all the rain we’ve gotten recently, until tonight, my lawn has gone un-mowed for more than two weeks.

Because it was clear, cool and I had some time, I decided to mow tonight.  When I mow, I usually like to listen to something other than the whirring of the blades.  But I had a problem.  Usually, I’d use not-so-trusty phone, an LG VU as a music player (playing music is one of the few things the phone does well if you ignore the eternity it takes to load the music program).  But the cord that I use to link my headphones to the micro-USB slot broke.

Fortunately, I had a trusty backup that I had unearthed in the basement earlier this week: a Walkman cassette player.  I had gotten this particular Walkman sometime back when I was in high school (mid-90s) but haven’t used it at all this century.  Fortunately, all it needed were some new batteries and a tape.  I found a tape I had recorded off the radio from my junior and senior years of high school.  The tape contained songs like Undone, Buddy Holly, Einstein on the Beach, Allison Road, New Age Girl, Come Out and Play and Basket Case (most of which are also on my phone).  Also on the tape was a radio call from a May 8 1994 game between the Yankees and Red Sox in which Danny Tartabull, Mike Stanley and Gerald Williams went back-to-back-to-back (and as John Sterling likes to add “belly-to-belly-to-belly”).

The thing that struck me was during this time period, for music, I’d listen to WPST, a station out of Trenton, even though (for the most part) I lived in Staten Island, New York.  For the most part, the New York stations were too poppy and PST played mostly alt-modern rock type stuff.  Of course, these days, PST has gone through a major format change (and moved frequencies) and isn’t something I’d even listen to today.

It was weird having to switch sides on the tape (and even fast-forward physically through some commercials).  Because of the tape format, some of the songs (especially the Weezer songs I’ve heard thousands of times) seemed a bit slow.  But overall, it was an entertaining mowing session and I’ll probably use the Walkman again in the future.

I should mention that the Walkman isn’t the only ancient piece of equipment I used today.  This is our mower:

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One thought on “Mowing It Old School

  1. That’s a really good idea. I’m not sure where any of my old cassettes are…hmmmm…I know I have several mixed tapes and at least one Weird Al tape still hanging around.

    I suppose going old school might make you appreciate the fancy digital stuff we have today…of course, with you rockin’ that push mower, if someone would have taken a photo of you mowing your lawn, they’d think the pic was from 1988

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