Possible Pinkerton Deluxe Tracklist From Japan

Update 9/27: The official tracklist has been confirmed and is somewhat different from the below list. View the official tracklist here.

Yesterday I posted that a poster on a Weezer message board found a possible tracklist for Death to False Metal (hitting stores November 2), a compilation of unreleased Weezer material on a Japanese Web site.

Well today, I have some similar news; a poster on a Weezer message board found a possible tracklist for Pinkerton Deluxe (hitting stores November 2), a reissue of Weezer’s seminal 1996 album, along with a large number of unreleased and unheard songs. According to www.vanda.co.jp/300/MCO/P_UICY-1495/, the tracklist will be (all titles and comments translated through Google):

(1) Tired Of Sex (album version)
(2) Getchu (album version)
(3) No Other One (Album Version)
(4) Why Bother? (Album version)
(5) Across The Sea (album version)
(6) The Good Life (Album Version)
(7) El Sukorucho (album version)
(8) Pink Triangle (album version)
(9) Falling For You (album version)
(10) Butterfly (Album Version)
(11) Devotion
(12) Your Love To Me Softly You Geivu
(13) Waiting On You
(14) I Just Threw Out The Love of My Dreams
(15) The Good Life (acoustic version)
(16) Pink Triangle (acoustic version)
(17) You Will not Get With Me Tonight
(18) Tragic Girl
(19) I Swear It’s True
(20) The Good Life
(21) El Sukorucho
(22) Pink Triangle
(23) Why Bother?
(24) El Sukorucho
(25) Pink Triangle
(26) The Good Life
(27) The Good Life (Remix Radio)
(28) Pink Triangle (Radio Remix)
(29) Getting Up and Leaving (Alternate Take)
(30) Longtime Sunshine (Alternate Take)
(31) vs Blue Pinkerton Interview
(32) El Sukorucho (Acoustic Live 1996)
(33) Tired Of Sex (Rough Take)
(34) Getchu (Rough Take)
(35) Across The Sea Piano Noodles
(36) butterfly (Alternate Take)
(37) I’m So Lonely (demo Pinkerton Rivers)
(38) Getchu (Pinkerton Demo Rivers)
(39) Lisa (Pinkerton Demo Rivers)
(40) Negativland (Pinkerton Demo Rivers)
(41) Your Love To Me Softly Geivu You (Reverse Pinkerton Demo)
(42) When You’re Alone (Demo Pinkerton Rivers)
(43) Suzanne (Pinkerton Demo Rivers)
(44) There Is No Other One (Pinkerton Demo Rivers)
(45) Let Me Wash at Your Sink (Pinkerton Demo Rivers)
(46) Waiting On You (Reverse Pinkerton Demo)
(47) Oh No, This Is Not For Me (Demo Pinkerton Rivers)
(48) Tired of Sex (Pinkerton Demo Rivers)
(49) She’s Had a Girl (Demo Pinkerton Rivers)
(50) What Is This I Find? (Pinkerton Demo Rivers)
(51) Now I Finally See (Pinkerton Demo Rivers)
(52) Longtime Sunshine (Reverse Pinkerton Demo)
(53) Im A Lonely On A Saturday Night (Demo Pinkerton Rivers)
(54) Oh God I’m hungry (Pinkerton Demo Rivers)
(55) Im On A Fire, You’re a Liar (Demo Pinkerton Rivers)
(56) The End of My String (Pinkerton Demo Rivers)
(57) I Can Break Your Heart Slow (Demo Pinkerton Rivers)
(58) Money Makes Me Happy (Demo Pinkerton Rivers)
(59) My Minds On You (Reverse Pinkerton Demo)
(60) Defeat On The Hill (Demo Pinkerton Rivers)
(61) Clarinet Waltz (Pinkerton Demo Rivers)
(62) A glorious moment (Pinkerton Demo Rivers)

Last month, Weezer.com reported that accompanying Pinkerton Deluxe (though probably not released on 11/2) would be the third installment of Rivers’ Alone series, titled the Pinkerton Years. If that’s true, I’m guessing tracks 37-62 are Alone 3.

This is a very impressive collection of songs here. While it doesn’t look like there will be a full-band Superfriend or Blast Off!, this is probably all the mixed-down, final material available from the Pinkerton sessions, including the long-awaited, but never heard, Getting Up and Leaving.

As for the material on Alone 3, combined with the first two editions, we’ll finally have everything Rivers recorded for Songs from the Black Hole, his unfinished Space Rock Opera concept, plus what looks to be a number of other gems.

I know we just got a new Weezer album yesterday, but between Death to False Metal and Pinkerton Deluxe, I’m really looking forward to November 2.

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11 thoughts on “Possible Pinkerton Deluxe Tracklist From Japan

  1. I’m speechless.

    Between Death to False Metal, Pink Deluxe and Alone III, that’s quite a plethora of new songs.

    One complaint- they couldn’t find or use the Blast Off recorded in 9/95 or the Superfriend they were doing as seen on Video Capture Device?

    Maybe they switched over to the new site and deleted the recording history so fans wouldn’t call them out for what isn’t on there.

  2. Hey – thanks for the reference yesterday re. the False Metal tracklist 🙂

    Hope this is of help to anyone reading this – I read katakane, and have cleaned some of this up. The split between disc 1 and disc 2 is tentative, but I’m hearing its about right.

    Pinkerton [Deluxe Edition]

    Disc 1:

    01. Tired of Sex
    02. Getchoo
    03. No Other One
    04. Why Bother?
    05. Across the Sea
    06. The Good Life
    07. El Scorcho
    08. Pink Triangle
    09. Falling for You
    10. Butterfly
    11. Devotion
    12. You Gave Your Love to Me Softly
    13. Waiting on You
    14. I Just Threw Out the Love of My Dreams
    15. The Good Life (live acoustic)
    16. Pink Triangle (live acoustic)
    17. You Won’t Get with Me Tonight

    Disc 2:

    01. Tragic Girl
    02. I Swear it’s True
    03. The Good Life (alternate take?)
    04. El Scorcho (alternate take?)
    05. Pink Triangle (alternate take?)
    06. Why Bother? (alternate take?)
    07. El Scorcho (demo?)
    08. The Good Life (demo?)
    09. The Good Life (radio remix)
    10. Pink Triangle (radio remix)
    11. Getting Up and Leaving
    12. Longtime Sunshine
    13. Blue vs. Pinkerton (interview)
    14. El Scorcho (live acoustic)
    15. Tired of Sex (rough take)
    16. Getchoo (rough take)
    17. Across the Sea (Piano ‘Noodles’ Ver.)
    18. Butterfly (alternate take)

    Alone III: The Pinkerton Years
    by Ri-Cuomy

    01. I’m So Lonely
    02. Getchoo
    03. Lisa (I think this is meant to be ‘Oh Lisa’, but the katakana’s just Lisa)
    04. Negativeland
    05. You Gave Your Love to Me Softly
    06. When You’re Alone
    07. Susanne
    08. There is No Other One (this was the original name for ‘No Other One’)
    09. Let Me Wash at Your Sink
    10. Waiting on You
    11. Oh No, This is Not for Me
    12. Tired of Sex
    13. She’s Had a Girl
    14. What is This I Find?
    15. Now I Finally See
    16. Longtime Sunshine (probably the ‘Reprise’ version, unheard so far)
    17. I’m Lonely on a Saturday Night
    18. Oh God I’m Hungry
    19. I’m on Fire, You’re a Liar
    20. The End of My String
    21. I Can’t Break Your Heart Slow
    22. Money Makes Me Happy
    23. My Mind’s on You
    24. Defeat on the Hill
    25. Clarinet Waltz
    26. A Glorious Moment

  3. I read ‘katakana’ was meant to be said there… dunno where that came from. Sorry about the formatting errors, forgotting to HTML that bizzatch up.

  4. Thanks for clearing that up! Was in a bit of a hurry when originally writing this post. Kinda disappointed we won’t get to hear El Sukorucho, though.

  5. Steve- thanks for the update. Looks like you were posting this just as I was typing up what I found out. November second’s going to be exciting, eh, Steve?

  6. I’m disappointed that the band-versions of “Superfriend” and “Blast Off!” aren’t going to be included.

    I hope that this changes before the release date. A guy can still hope, right? Mr. Cuomo is reading this for suggestions…right?

  7. Mike- after seeing VCD and reading the recording history, it would be great if Blast Off and Superfriend were included. But I’m guessing there’s a reason they’re not. I’m not saying it’s a good reason though.

    And I can only hope Rivers reads this. But probably not!

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